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medical cotton ball overviewdate:2014-12-31 hits:2094

one of the medical absorbent cotton belongs to the category of medical absorbent cottonis a kind of medical absorbent cottonjust follow the shape to distinguishmedical absorbent cotton is the main healthmaterial medical industryasa patientwounddressings, protection, cleaning and other applications.all the time since, the quality requirements of the products are in accordance with the ws1-195-1987 "ws1-196-1987" and "cotton gauze" standardimplementation. with the rapid development of national economy, diversity enhance production capacity of enterprises and the market demand, the original standard has been unable to meet the existing in the production ofthe product quality guidance, testing and production based on industry standards yy0330-2002 "medical absorbent cotton".

medicalcottonball uses: cotton class (generally0.3g/ star, 0.5g/ star, 0.6g/ star 0.8g/ star etc.)

(1), medical cotton ball general requirements for fiber in 15-500px, no fuzz.

(2), civil cotton is generally divided into high-grade and general.

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