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disposable medical swabs use and matters needing attentiondate:2014-12-31 hits:2095

disposable medical cotton swab is used 100% of the absorbent cotton material,surface and both ends of the head part is very full, but also very soft, sincesoftness so absorbing ability of disposable medical cotton swab is also quite good, but the product is akindof protectionproducts, inlife is theideal supplies,disposable medical cotton is mainly used for skin cleaning and disinfection, the use is convenient, and can be used in pure water or alcohol use disinfectant, andis mainly suitable for the use of what part? mainly for theears, eyes, mouth andothersensitive partsof other clean, there is the use of girls in the cleansing, are all good choices, then please users to remember that the product is disposableproducts, as long as the use of a don't use second times.

note the disposable medical cotton swab:

disposable medical cotton is a very common products, regardless of the use of any products, are to undergo sterilization after use, of course, canalso be usedfor high temperature detoxification, or ethylene oxide sterilized 60 degree; oncethe product packaging has damaged, can not use; disposable medical cotton swab can not be reused; to have the corresponding requirements for processing.

by the above description, believe the purpose and the matters needing attentioneveryone on the disposable medical cotton swabs have some understanding,凯发游戏-凯发k8国际手机app下载 has complete equipments, advanced medical cotton swabs, cotton balls, spatula, medical dressings, medical packaging materials and so on dozens of professional production lines, provide medical swabs price is reasonable, welcome to buy!

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